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Eduardo Herrera has been a key "to-go" person when anyone ever asks me for someone to advice them with immigration related issues. Eduardo has participated in Latino family events in the Gresham area providing his expertise and support to dozen of families who are often unsure of who to ask. Eduardo has demonstrated to be trustworthy in times of uncertainty and that has made a difference in the lives of many. Thank you Eduardo!

Practice Areas

Family Based Visa

As a United States citizen or Lawful permanent resident, you may be eligible to apply for your spouse, parent, child, or sibling to move to the United States with a green card, but you will need to file a family visa petition. The process will vary depending on if your relative is in the United States or abroad. Click to learn more about who qualifies and what the process looks like.

U-visa for victims of certain crimes

The U-visa can provide a path to a green card for certain undocumented people who have been the victim of certain crimes. Not every crime victim will qualify, but working with a competent immigration lawyer in Portland will help you understand the process and the risks involved.

Fiance Visa

If your planning to marry your foreign born partner who lives abroad, the K-1 fiance visa may be the fastest option for you two to start your married life together in the United States.

Political Asylum

If you are a recent arrival to the United States or if the government is trying to deport you but you fear returning to your home country because someone their has caused you harm or you fear will cause you harm, you may be eligible to apply for asylum for you and your family.


Becoming a United States citizen is a lifelong dream for many. Let me help guide you through the process and prepare you for your interview and test.

Deportation Defense

As a former criminal defense attorney, I have extensive knowledge and experience representing clients with criminal backgrounds and prior immigration violations.
If you or a loved one have been picked up by ICE or have an upcoming court date in front of the immigration court, call us to discuss your case.

About the immigration Lawyer

I founded this firm in Portland, Oregon with the intention of providing quality, affordable, and flexible legal services to all. We specialize in Immigration law with a focus on family based immigration and deportation defense which often times includes political asylum. My experiences and opportunities in life have instilled in me a passion to help others with their immigration process. I feel privileged to have the opportunity to be an immigration lawyer and to be surrounded by caring and compassionate individuals. At the Law Office of Eduardo Z. Herrera, LLC we strive to work hard for you and to understand the legal and emotional issues facing you and your family. If you are ready to get started with your immigration process or just have questions and would like to speak with a friendly and competent immigration lawyer. Feel free to call us or follow us on one of our social media pages below. 

Testimonials of Immigration Lawyer

Eduardo is an amazing and proficient immigration attorney with a criminal defense background. He was able to give me critical advice during a drawn out DUI process and gave me realistic expectations on the rest of my immigration case. He gave me a clear list of evidence we would need and what USCIS may require. 7 months after filing the application, we had our interview with USCIS and after a few questions, I was told I was approved. I have no doubt this result was due to all the hard work Eduardo and his team did. Don’t trust any attorney with your case, trust the best and that is: Eduardo Z. Herrera. A review from a former DACA recipient and current US resident.
Marco S.
With the help of Eduardo Herrera and his team of miracle workers, they were able to get my brother-in-law released from the detention center in Washington state after a 4-month stint and he was awarded legal residency as well. He fought for my brother-in-law when other lawyers chose not to. My brother-in-law was given and very low chance to stay in the USA, but Eduardo and his team were able to make the almost impossible possible. I highly recommend Eduardo Herrera and his team for all your Immigration needs. Thank You so much from me and my entire family.


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