Criminal Defense Lawyer Portland Oregon

criminal defense lawyer portland, oregon

Eduardo Z. Herrera is a Criminal Defense lawyer serving immigrant communities across the state of Oregon. We are a full service criminal defense law office.  We handle all types of misdemeanor and felony criminal cases in Oregon. Whether it be a DUII or a measure 11 Felony charge.  We are here to help and have the experience to help you get through these hard times.

Prior to opening up my office, I worked as a public defender in Multnomah county.  As a public defender I learned to handle many difficult cases.   During my time as a public defender, I learned how to handle many difficult and time consuming cases.  I handle every case with the individualized attention and care that it deserves.  To me my client isnt just the person facing the criminal charge but the family and the friends.  The people who also suffer when a loved one is charged with a crime.