Deportation defense lawyer

Deportation Defense Lawyer


The help of a good deportation defense lawyer can help you in several ways if you or your loved one is detained by ICE.  A far too often occurrences is the following. It’s early in the morning as you leave your home and head to your car.  On your way, you get approached by several men who say they are ICE officers.  They claim to have a warrant for your arrest.  You feel like you have no choice but to cooperate and go with them. You think, will I ever see my family again, will I lose my job, my house, what do I do?

Being in deportation proceedings is a very scary and intimidating process.  A deportation defense lawyer with experience can help you get your loved one out of detention.  But time is of the essence. Most people detained by ICE will not be released, but will instead be sent to a detention center.  Once their, the detainee must request a bond hearing to ask the immigration judge for release under bond. As an immigration bond hearings lawyer I can help schedule bond hearings for people in detention.  But what exactly is a bond hearing and how does it work?

Immigration Bond Hearings

Most people detained by ICE will be eligible for a bond hearing, but people with certain criminal convictions or with prior deportations are not eligible. In a bond hearing, an immigration judge will decide if they will grant bond and if so what that amount will be.  In an Immigration bond hearings, the detainee will be able to present evidence that they are eligible for one of the forms of relief and that they are not a danger to the community.  The office of chief counsel ICE will have then have the opportunity to present its own evidence.

In the end, the judge must decide if the detainee is a flight risk, meaning they have no good defense against deportation or a danger to the community.  Recent criminal activity makes it easier for the Immigration judge to find one to be a danger to the community, but not always.

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