Immigration Attorney Los Angeles


Immigration Attorney Los Angeles

about the Immigration Attorney

As an Immigration attorney, of Mexican descent, I feel privileged to be able to work in Los Angeles. As a Southern California native and the proud son of Mexican immigrants, I am extremely proud and excited to be back home and offering my services to our community. My name is Eduardo Z. Herrera and I practice immigration law.

As a child, I always enjoyed helping others and as an immigration attorney to help unite, reunite, or keep families together. I started off as an attorney in Portland, Oregon where I attended law school and lived for close to a decade. But in the end, home is home and I had to come back to Los Angeles. We are a full-service immigration law firm, click here to learn more about our practice areas. My passion is helping to unite and keep families together.

I was born and raised in a working-class neighborhood in Pasadena, California to Immigrant parents. After finishing up high school in Pasadena, I was fortunate enough to attend the University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB). This was a major accomplishment for my community and me as I was not only the first member of my family to go to college, but the first person in my neighborhood to go to college. 

At UCSB I majored in History with a minor in Education. I thought about going straight to law school and becoming an immigration attorney, but I did not feel ready.

After college, I decided to give back to the community that supported me all my life. I was fortunate enough to be hired as a middle school teacher in Pasadena, CA. Later, I spent several years as a middle school teacher in South Central Los Angeles before I attended law school in Portland, OR.

On Becoming An Immigration Attorney

During law school, I worked for the Northwest Workers Justice Project helping mainly immigrant and Spanish-speaking clients file wage theft claims. The next year, I had the privilege of working for Sponsors Organized to Assist Refugees (SOAR) via the Oregon Justice Resource Center (OJRC)—both Portland-based nonprofits. At SOAR I was fortunate to work with great immigration attorney’s who mentored me along the way. While their, I provide immigration legal services to families who could not afford to hire a private attorney.

After SOAR, I spent a year interning for Multnomah Defenders Inc. (MDI) working as a certified law student. At Multnomah Defenders Inc. (MDI) I worked as a public defender on cases ranging from violation of a restraining order to class A misdemeanors. My time at MDI provided me with valuable trial and court experience, but I still yearned to become an immigration attorney.

Following school, I started an immigration and criminal defense law firm called, “Northwest Immigration & Criminal Defense,” with the help of a classmate and dear friend. As an Immigration attorney who also handled criminal cases. As a result, I gained the expertise of criminal law, immigration law and the skills to try a case. 

Office Locations Los Angeles & Portland, Oregon

To better serve the two communities we love, we have offices in Portland and Los Angeles.  As an immigration attorney, I can accept cases from any state in the country. This is so because immigration law is federal and not state. Meaning, immigration law is the same no matter where you reside in the U.S. As such, I am able to help people nationwide with their immigration matters. 

Our offices

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